HUMANITY's ‘Advisory Board’

Introducing Dr Frank Dos Santos and Dr Will McDaid two of the doctors on Humanity Cosmetics advisory board, discussing the importance of a good skincare routine.

After every beauty therapist passes their exams, I’m sure they all thought the same as me… “I could have been a Dr with the amount of science and biology I’ve learned”.  Don’t get me wrong, it was the science element of the course that really got me interested in human skin.  I always wondered what was in skincare that changed the physical appearance of someone’s skin and how it actually worked.  I have to say… at the young age of 15, I was totally sold on glamours adverts and fancy packaging.  Much to my disappointment when I realised they’re costly ad campaigns and fancy bottles were filled with only empty promises.

I suppose years of using all kinds of skincare from high street to luxury brands and being disappointed must have been the catalyst for my ‘search of’ and ‘creation of’ a ‘Result Driven’ skin care brand for men.

I find, Beauty and Aesthetic therapists typically hold very low accreditation for their qualification and skill set.  While I enjoyed a good career in London working in the beauty industry, I still felt, in order to develop the best skincare known to HUMANITY, I’d want the advice of highly qualified and experienced Dr’s, so I created an ‘Advisory Board’.  A micro team of experts to advise and help me perfect HUMANITY’s formulas.  I introduce to you, Cosmetic Physician, E.R Doctor and Ex Navy Captain Frank Dos Santos from New York and Biomedical Scientist & Skin Cell Researcher Dr Will Mc Daid from the UK.

Here's what they had to say...

Dr Frank Dos Santos - New York

Cosmetic Physician, E.R Doctor and Ex Navy Captain

“I find HUMANITY’s fusion between Natural and Cosmeceutical ingredients fascinating and unique.  I’ve personally tried and tested this product range and I was very impressed by the visible results.  HUMANITY COSMETICS really understand male skin.  They use the latest in skincare technology at its optimal and most effective percentage, for that reason, it’s my product of choice for my male clients.  I’m proud to be chosen by HUMANITY to be part of their ‘Advisory Board”.

“My top products from HUMANITY are”

Cleansing Gel


Face Mist

Dr Will McDaid - UK

Biomedical Science & Skin Cell Research

“The health of the skin is very important to me.  As part of the HUMANITY COSMETIC’s ‘Advisory Board’, I provide knowledge and Expertise on the latest developments on Biomedical Science.  HUMANITY’s approach to achieving the best results, I believe, comes for their unique formulas. The creators of HUMANITY COSMETICS have respect for the ‘Natural’ but also embrace the latest in skincare discovery and Technology.  This means the user gets a broad spectrum of results from one product.”

“I use this range because I believe in it and today, I enjoy the health benefits because of it.”

“My favourite products from HUMANITY are”

Eye Restore


Face Polish

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