As the seasons change, we need to boost our skincare routine to help protect & repair our skin

NEW - Defence +6 Recovery Serum

Something we all notice with our skin is that it changesthroughout the year, it may look great one day then dehydrated a day or solater, then maybe a pimple or two, or a shaving rash… then back to looking greatagain.  These changes are natural and aredue to many factors, some we can control such as diet, alcohol consumption,exercise and drinking plenty of water, to things we can’t control, the changein seasons, air conditioning, heating, pollution…

But there are things we can do to try and limit the negativeeffects of these uncontrollable factors…

Humanity Cosmetics Defence +6 Recovery Serum to the rescue

This concentrated serum has been developed to help repairenvironmentally compromised, sensitive and ageing skin. With a texture similarto our own skin’s natural oil (sebum) light and non-comedogenic (will not blockyour pores) and suitable for all skin types. This serum can be used in several ways: used alone (for oilier skintypes), mixed in with your moisturiser or applied to the skin after yourmoisturiser (for all skin types).    

Formulated with natural ingredients to help stimulatecirculation, deliver essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to problemareas, helping to expel toxins from the skin.

This serum is a must have to provide that extra boost ourskin needs to fight against the daily invasion from our environment.

As with all good general skincare advice, avoid exposure todirect sunlight and especially when using products which contain oils.  

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