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The Art of Cleansing Your Face

Now, this may seem like something that we all know how to do, and you may be thinking how on earth could I be doing this wrong, but there is an art to cleansing your face correctly.

The starting point is the product you use and there are many misconceptions as to what that should be. In the past men have been pushed toward highly foaming and stripping face washes, this was promoted by the large cosmetic companies based on psychology, such as seeing a car being washed, all the foam leaving a squeaky-clean surface, so you also apply this to washing your face, lots of foam and hot water leaving you with a squeaky-clean face.  

In reality, this is the worst thing for your skin. If you have oily skin, this stripping of your natural oils triggers your body to produce even more oil, and if you have dry or sensitive skin, this will make your skin even more dry and sensitive.  

#Humanitycosmetics know that there is a fine balance between cleaning your skin and maintaining the natural skin barrier.  HC Cleansing Gel is a non-foaming gel / cream which is pH balanced at around 5.5 (same as your skin) to maintain your skin barrier, formulated with natural and gentle cleansing agents to remove excess oils and help unblock pores, as well as soothing, calming and hydrating ingredients as well as marine collagen.

So now you have the perfect product, here comes the technique…

1.      Start by cleaning your hands, as with any facial routine, clean hands are a must.

2.      Always use running water, either from a tap or in the shower, never use a bowl of water or bath water, as clean water is very important.  The water temperature is also very important, this should be lukewarm, never hot.  Rinse you face with clean lukewarm water, to remove superficial dirt.

3.      Dispense a small amount of cleansing gel into the palm of your hands or on the tips of your fingers and lightly rub together.

4.      Massage the gel onto your face and neck, avoiding the eye area, using light circular motions. Now this is the key to a clear complexion, you need to wash your face for 60 seconds, concentrating on areas of congestion (this will vary for everyone) but for an oily skin type, this would likely be the forehead, nose and cheeks.  Use your fingertips to massage around your nose and any congested areas.

5.      Finally rinse your face with lukewarm water thoroughly to remove all the cleanser. We then suggest that you splash you face with cold water, this helps to tighten the pores and tone the skin

And there you go, the fool proof guide to achieving a clean and clear complexion. We advise that you cleanse your face in the morning and in the evening and after exercising, but if for any reason you prefer to only cleanse once a day, this should be done in the evening to remove any dirt and grime that has built up during the day.  

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